I am a mixed-media conceptual artist who uses objects, materials, color, surface, texture, time and context to convey my thoughts and ideas.


A key area of interest is the transformation of the profane to the sacred and how it is analogous to commodity versus brand in contemporary culture. My recent work takes inspiration from high-end fashion and luxury brands given their mastery of turning water into wine (or perfume).


Through the 1950s, high-end fashion was a closed system and money alone couldn't get you in. Goods were genuinely exclusive because there were only so many craftsmen with the requisite skill to transform rare and exotic materials into breathtaking objects of luxury. Today, what conglomerates like LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior) and Kering (Gucci, Alexander McQueen, St. Laurent) sell is the representation of luxury to a mass market.


To capture the imagination and claim mindshare, the fashion houses and their creative directors put on truly inspiring and brilliant shows. They have at their disposal tremendous resources to produce spellbinding work because the focus is not selling the clothes - but writing new chapters for multi-billion dollar stories.


My creative work comes together under Noble Drainage. I've used drains and plumbing iconography throughout my career and find they are a perfect metaphor for salvation and redemption.